The TUF 20 cast finds their own Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon for the zombie apocalypse

The cast of The Ultimate Fighter 20 needs some tips for when a massive zombie turning disease strikes the earth. The CDC in Atlanta will self-destruct, so don’t go there. You may think you’re safe when you set-up camp behind prison walls but this will only encourage people to fire missiles at you. Never follow train tracks to a “safe haven” because there are cannibals there and they want to smother your limbs in sweet tangy BBQ sauce. 
Also when it’s time to pair up always maneuver your way towards the zombie team of scary good UFC heavyweights or the crazy subset of UFC fighters. If possible try to sidestep or awkwardly whistle your way away from the zombie fighting clique of crazy UFC heavyweights because that team is going to implode and probably be led by a guy in an eye patch.  
Besides Felice Herrig calling Chris Leben “Chris Laban” the TUF 20 makes some solid selections in their UFC zombie apocalypse fantasy draft. Brock Lesnar will farm the land while Cain Velasquez head kicks his way out of any zombie sneak attack. Ronda Rousey will rock the cross bow while Diego Sanchez is off doing “YES” chants to distract a herd of zombies away from the water supply. 
Feel free to super woman punch any survivor who claims there is a cure and tries to lead the group to Washington DC. Fight the dead, fear the living TUF 20 cast. 
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