The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

This is the World Cup version of our Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. Get out your weird South African horn-things and proceed to use them for the next 90 minutes. Last night we saw the end of the Iceman, the beginning of the reign of Martin Kampmann and a lot of other things that went on behind the scenes at UFC 115. Enjoy this Sunday Morning Rumor Mill and someone please tell the City of Los Angeles to stop giving me parking tickets.

  • Dana White has guaranteed that Chuck Liddell’s MMA career is done but for some reason, he’s not able to actually ‘cut’ him from the organization.
  • Gilbert Yvel and Mirko Cro Cop have a little bad blood between them and it originated from a training session Cro Cop had with Gilbert as he was preparing to fight Cheick Kongo nearly three years ago. I would not be surprised if Yvel remains on the roster just to fight Cro Cop in the near future.
  • Jake Shields is essentially signed with UFC, we all know this. He’s not entertaining offers from Strikeforce and the organization has said it will not go into a bidding war with UFC.
  • Pat Barry broke his hand in the first round against Cro Cop.
  • It looks like some serious internal discontent is going down within FEG (Dream/K-1). Not sure what it is, but it looks to stem back from something that happened in 2007.
  • ZUFFA has eased on their stance of internet piracy starting in June. Perhaps they finally realized that it’s an incredible waste of resources for such a minuscule result.
  • There is a slight chance that Bellator may iron out the problems of the regional broadcasts of their events on Fox Sports Net starting on season three.
  • James Toney will visit the infamous Black House gym in Los Angeles sometime this month. This is due to King Mo training Toney and Mo’s constant relation with the fighters from Black House.
  • There’s a really strange rumor going around that ProElite intends to bring back Spirit MC to Korea.
  • Ken Shamrock plans to write a tell-all, Jose Cansecoesque book outing many past (and some current) fighters that have taken steroids.
  • Another Cro Cop rumor emerging from Croatia is that he plans on retiring from fighting but still plans to play an active role in the UFC.

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