The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Take your mind to the time when the title of this article would have been appropriate. Therein lies the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, a collection of rumorfilled morsels of information that may influence your life in some way. It’s ultimate fighting for the mind. Just kidding about using ‘ultimate fighting’ for anything. This Sunday Morning Rumor Mill is not about ‘ultimate fighting’ at all. In fact, this feature is an activity that is so unlike ‘ultimate fighting’ that it’s like on a different planet. It’s not even in the same star system.

  • Allegedly Tom Atencio was fired from Affliction last Thursday and the company intends to bring someone previously with the UFC to replace him. If true, bummer for Atencio, he was one of the first guys I met in the industry many years ago.
  • King Mo was offered to be involved with WWE in some capacity this year. He allegedly turned it down to focus on MMA.
  • Once again, expect an announcement sometime in the near future on a Spike TV/Bellator partnership.
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