The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Look at you guys, got through an entire week of the new without any of you dying of congestive heart failure. The new design is probably already growing on you, and if it hasn’t, then it will. There will be no change made, this is the final product of MiddleEasy (for at least a year) and we have some megaton-sized content that we’re going to slam in your face this year. It’s Sunday, which means the Saints are out of the playoffs (damn) and of course it ultimately means a new edition of The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

  • The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 coaches will be announced this upcoming week.
  • For those of you who are fans of Dead Prez, I had a conversation with Stickman this week and he told me that he regularly practices mixed martial arts and that he would love to make a debut as long as the money is right.
  • ZUFFA is allegedly placing ‘obstacles‘ for Strikeforce to have their Heavyweight Grand-Prix in New Jersey, which takes place a few weeks before the UFC 128 (also held in New Jersey).
  • Phil Davis vs. Stephan Bonnar has been discussed and will probably be officially announced in a few days.
  • Shinya Aoki had a class in his DEEP gym this past week and as the class ended, Jienotsu walked in and asked to speak with the head of the gym.
  • ZUFFA claimed copyright violations on a lot of the fan-created Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand-Prix videos that used Pride FC footage.
  • Shinya Aoki has started his Twitter back up, privately.
  • The makers of Supremacy MMA claim they have a working beta of the game and they’re coming to Los Angeles so I can test it. However at this point, it’s only a rumor.
  • After Shinya Aoki’s Dynamite!! 2010 loss, he told some that he was completely done with MMA and only wants to teach at the DEEP gym.
  • Kawajiri vs. Melendez will be next in Strikeforce, sorry Eddie Alvarez.

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