The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Now that Brocktober is finally over, we can transition to Novembereem. Granted, the K-1 GP continues at the end of October, but Novembereem is too incredible of a name not to use. Well, you all witnessed it. Brock Lesnar now has a record of 5-2. You would think that after such a monumental night, this week’s Sunday Morning Rumor Mill would be overflowing with alleged items — but it’s not. We have a few good ones, but that’s really it. Enjoy.

  • Not really much of a rumor, but I tried to contact Scott Coker earlier this week about a potential ‘Eddie Alvarez vs. Gilbert Melendez’ bout, and I essentially received a ‘no comment’ response. I was informed that Coker would attend the Friday night Strikeforce Challengers card, so I drove to Fresno to get his official statement — and he wasn’t there. I’m not saying something is going on, but damn, it’s been tough getting in contact with him this week.
  • Antonio McKee is not ‘one-and-done’ with the UFC if he loses his upcoming debut. Apparently he’s guaranteed four fights within the organization.
  • The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar confrontation that has been floating around the internet shortly after UFC 121 isn’t a WWE stunt. Apparently Brock has beef with some comments made by The Undertaker back in the day that implied he was ‘bringing down pro-wrestling’.
  • At some point this week, I overheard something so incredible that it needs to be told (anonymously, of course). According to someone who’s really close in the industry, some sponsors insist that fighters get their opponent in the clinch and pin them on the cage in order for their logo to get the most airtime. Other sponsors insist that a fighter maintains an active mount in order for the camera to capture their ‘rear-end’ and thus, their company logo. If a fighter adheres to these request, an additional sponsorship bonus is awarded.
  • The rematch of Josh Thomson vs. JZ Cavalcante will happen ‘sometime at the beginning of 2011’ and is rumored to take place in a ‘neutral territory’.
  • If you want a really interesting story, ask Lloyd “Kadillac” Marshbanks about the time when he almost fought WEC General Manager, Reed Harris, in a hotel.
  • Based on this gif, some people inferred that Dana White was unhappy about awarding Cain Velasquez the UFC heavyweight belt. Egh, I’m not sure. You decide.

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