The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Back-to-back nights of K-1 action and none of it was covered on We’re about mixed martial arts. Other guys like Head Kick Legend and Nightmare of Battle can cover what’s going down in the kickboxing world. We’ll just stick with obscure Datsik articles and hyper-analytical Top Ten lists. It’s another week, which means another edition of The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. Rumors from around the MMA world delivered to your door, free of charge. Got to love it. Enjoy.

  • Whatever comeback to MMA Gina Carano planned will be put on hold. Carano is working with Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams on a new movie project entitled ‘Super 8‘. She was flown off the set of ‘Haywire’ to work on this ‘highly secretive’ project.
  • The ‘Ultimate Women’s Challenge’ has been delayed from airing again. We first told you about this show over a year ago and it looks like it’s still running into problems. My guess is that sometime in 2011 we will finally be able to watch this reality show.
  • ZUFFA will be recutting the UFC 120 television spot that mentioned Cain has the chance of being ‘the first Mexican heavyweight’ after they received complaints from some of their sponsors, specifically Boost Mobile.
  • After Chan Sung Jung’s manager offered to buy back ‘The Korean Zombie’ shirts from fans after his WEC 51 loss, some ‘fans’ actually sent their old shirts in for a full refund.
  • If any of you expect to see Mike Tyson in a cage anytime soon, don’t bet on it. Tyson has reportedly said that he would never start MMA at this point in his life.
  • Wandy was dressed like a History professor earlier this week in order to film a segment for the Fighters Only MMA award show.
  • Now that Comcast cable carries HDNet, Time Warner Cable will most likely follow suit within a few weeks.
  • Despite a few reports that have been floating around, Renzo Gracie is still under contract with the UFC.
  • Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann is being slated for UFC 125. The rumor is McKee wanted a bigger name to welcome him into the UFC.
  • The rumor has been floating around for nearly a year, but people have suggested that Electronic Arts will purchase THQ and inherit the ZUFFA license from their UFC Undisputed franchise. However, it will be far more complicated than that.

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