The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

What looked like a seemingly uneventful week ended with an improvised explosive device attached to it. Chael Sonnen tested positive for performance enhancing drugs at UFC 117. Not sure if Chael is going to place the blame on ‘Hispanic Sonnen’ this time, but nevertheless it’s startling news. Chael’s PED news is definitely in this edition of The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill along with a variety of other rumor that should have you sitting on the edge of your swively chair.

  • UFC’s ‘China endeavor’ seems to be running into some problems rooting from resistance from the communist Chinese government. The problem sees to be the UFC represents a ‘radical change’ from the traditional Chinese culture (at least that was the loose translation of it). Art of War FC, a promotion that has held several events in China, is allegedly behind this (as well as a sheik who heavily funds the organization). In short, future MMA in China has seemed to run into an obstacle course of complications.
  • The initial report of Mirko Cro Cop’s eye being severely injured were indeed true. Mirko’s camp refuted the injury because Cro Cop did not want to be replaced.
  • Apparently the rumor is that Chael Sonnen had the flu prior to UFC 117 and the medication used had traces that would be considered a ‘performance enhancing drug’ in a test.
  • Heavy rumor, but it seems like Butterbean ‘threw’ the fight against Mariusz Pudzianowski in order to ‘revive’ Mariusz’s worth in Moosin after his loss against Tim Sylvia. Butterbean plans to promote Pudzianowski on an upcoming Moosin card with Kimbo Slice named as a potential opponent.
  • Todd Duffee has received offers from several promotions, but it appears that he’s holding out for a chance to get back into UFC.
  • Minowaman intends to being the Super Hulk tournament belt with him to the arena when he faces James Thompson at Dream 16.
  • Despite reports that floated around this week, Antonio McKee has not signed with the UFC yet.
  • It seems like Strikeforce is waiting for the release of EA Sports MMA in order to rebrand the organization with the new logo and a slew of new merchandise that will be offered.
  • Bellator’s Bjorn Rebney seems to be adamant about a Bellator vs. Strikeforce NYE card, however Scott Coker’s initial enthusiasm towards such a card has seemed to dwindle. Bellator has repeatedly offered to pit Eddie Alvarez against Gilbert Melendez along with a few other fighters, Strikeforce has not been that receptive.
  • Another Pudz related rumor is that his next fight could be against James Thompson.
  • Not necessarily a rumor, but with the Chael Sonnen scandal, don’t be surprised if Vitor Belfort vs. Yushin Okami will decide who will face Anderson Silva next.
  • There appears to be several camps within M-1 Global that are struggling for ‘control’ of the organization. Power struggles, dwindling income and the greatest fighter to ever participate in MMA not fighting is not a good mix.
  • Jerry Millen left M-1 Global, not the other way around which has been reported by some MMA sites.

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