MMA Rundown

The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill

Combing the MMA world like an afro-pick on Jamie Yager’s hair, we have culled the best of last weeks rumors and have compiled them in a bullet point presentation that would make even your community college professor proud. The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill is here and if you listen really close, it wishes a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to all the dads out there who have received decorative ties they never really wanted. Enjoy.

  • A bout between Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Kimbo Slice is on the verge on being promoted, although it will not be under the KSW banner.
  • Celebrity ‘Big Black‘ will be an unlockable character in EA Sports MMA.
  • Herschel Walker’s next fight in Strikeforce goes down in October. Still no opponent has yet to be named.
  • Something really huge is coming to Strikeforce this fall that will apparently set the MMA attendance record according to ‘Big Black’. Not sure what it is though.
  • HDNet may start live broadcasting Sengoku events by the end of the year and there is a chance they will add a DEEP Cage Impact event on a trial run basis.
  • Earlier last week, Jamie Yager mentioned that he could ‘beat Fedor’. According to someone close to Yager, this is just a ploy at gaining attention from international media.
  • Once again, Strikeforce has no intentions on re-signing Jake Shields and instead, will have a middleweight tournament in the near future.
  • Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz are still vying for a third and final rematch.
  • Josh Koscheck has started dating Hugh Hefner’s ex, Holly Madison.
  • MFC president, Mark Pavelich, has been suspended by the River Cree athletic commission for failure to pay a certain licensing fee. MFC has now been replaced by ‘Let’s Get it On’ entertainment as the official MMA promoter of the River Cree Casino.
  • Mriko Cro Cop may have mentioned that he was considering retiring, but he’s using it as leverage to get a title shot, however unrealistic that may be at this point.
  • Sergei Kharitonov vs. Andrei Arlovski looks it may be on the horizon for Strikeforce and will go down in Texas sometime this summer.
  • Fedor has been training with Igor Vovchanchyn for his upcoming bout with Werdum.
  • Lenne Hardt, female announcer for Dream/Pride, is in EA Sports MMA.
  • When Shane Carwin was handed the UFC interim heavyweight champion belt, it was what some people refer to as a ‘replica belt’ made of lower quality materials when compared to Brock Lesnar’s heavyweight belt.
  • ZUFFA changed the UFC 116 promo where it states Shane Carwin’s wins have all come via ‘Knockout’ to the more accurate ‘All finishes’. Apparently this change was made as a direct result from the outcry on message board forums (specifically Sherdog and The UG).
  • There has been a discussion between Bellator and Strikeforce to host a New Years Eve Event similar to Dynamite!! in which we will see ‘Bellator vs. Strikeforce‘ matches similar to what happened at Dynamite!! 2009 with Dream vs. Sengoku.