The Rock confirmed for Shazam movie…but who is he playing?!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirming his involvement in the upcoming Warner Bros. film “Shazam” is news, but it’s not really surprising. Technically I guess it’s sorta breaking? The point I’m getting at is that anyone who has paid any attention to the Rock recently saw this coming. It’s about as big of a surprise as Jason Momoa being confirmed as Aquaman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Ridiculous Subtitles.  

The news comes courtesy of the folks over at The Associated Press, whom Johnson also told that he hasn’t decided whether he will play the films titular character, or Shazam’s biggest nemesis, Black Adam. He also declined to comment on whether or not Shazam would be appearing in Batman V. Superman, but given how many other DC characters are popping up in Warner Bros. feeble attempt to compete with Marvel Studios, he will probably be there. Or at least Billy Batson will make a cameo. Who knows what Zack Snyder and crew are up to. 
And for anyone who feels inclined to flex their DC Comics muscles in the comments about how Shazam is technically Captain Marvel, I’ll leave you with this:
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