The ringside doctors and Bigfoot Silva defeated Fedor Emelianenko

If you tuned your television or pirated internet stream into Bigfoot Silva vs. Fedor Emelianenko, you witnessed a monumental moment in history and for that, you are a better human being. Whenever Fedor fights, everyone acts like they’ve never had parental guidance in their childhood adolescence. People climb over seats, everyone stands without any regard for obstructing a person’s view, pockets of people start yelling uncontrollably only to see a relatively humble Russian man slowly walk out with traditional Russian folk music playing in the background. On paper, that scenario should never happen, but it’s Fedor. The guy is an anomaly.

Tonight, we witnessed the retirement of the most legendary man in mixed martial arts. That can never be denied or negated. He was an enigma that moved viciously through the sport, and tonight it’s finally over. Ironically, as I sit at the post-fight press conference, Scott Coker just said that Fedor may be pegged in as a replacement if someone can’t compete in the tournament. We’ll see, but as of right now it just seems like wishful thinking (or Coker really wants Fedor to honor his fight contract).

Should we blame Fedor’s eye for puffing to an enormous level? Bigfoot Silva’s gigantic ground-and-pound? Or perhaps it was the ringside doctor that prevented the fight from going on past the second round. Regardless, Fedor is now out of the tournament and that should make some — perplexed.

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