The “Pogo” maneuver made its debut at Bellator last night, and the MMA world will never be the same

All I want in life is for MMA memes to creep their way into the cage. Take the “Pogo” for example. With enough popularity, maybe we can get Cain Velasquez or Fabricio Werdum to Pogo at each other for a few moments before their clash of titans officially gets underway. Hell, I’m down for it to happen mid-fight. Werdum pogoing at Cain with the Werdum Face could be the most terrifying thing in MMA if not all of mankind right now. 

Think about it – only the best of the best professional fighters could ever defend themselves from a Fabricio Face Pogo attack, which leaves about 7.1249 billion people utterly screwed unless they are armed to the teeth. Even then, they’re probably going to get choked out. 

Horrifying, this Pogoing. It’s like Planking but it can only be done in a combat situation. Maybe inspiration came from Kangaroo MMA?

#Blessed Zprophet with the replay:


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