The Pit Bull Shows his Gameness at Open Workout

The UFC has already called this the “Greatest Open Workout in UFC History,” and for good reason. Open workouts are usually just north of boring. It’s an opportunity for fans and media to meet with fighters the week of the fight in some DYI workout zone that typically looks more impromptu than not. The fighters are usually asked to do some light workout to allow for the news crews to capture B-roll, photos, and all the stuff media is generally interested in. The fighters don’t have to stick to any formal workout—they usually do some light sparing, maybe some pad work, shadowboxing, or light grappling in what most fighters consider to be a waste of a day and/or time. Today, Andrei “the Pit Bull” Arlovski raised the bar.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Andrei Arlovski


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