The Origin Story: Mark Hunt’s bleached hair

There comes a point in every relationship when you plateau. It’s not a bad or a good thing, it’s just a thing that happens in every relationship. You’ve known this person for so long that your love for them can’t really grow any stronger. That doesn’t mean you don’t love them, you do, it’s just at this point you might not show it as much. You’ve reached a point where you and this person are content knowing that you both love each other very much and you don’t do the same things you did when you were first falling in love.

That is until one point. This one point when you find something out about them that you never knew before. You say to yourself, “how did I not know this?” This can’t be true, you’ve had to have told me this in the past and it just slipped my mind. But you know this isn’t true. This new thing that you’ve learned about this person, is the first time you’ve heard it and it completely changes your perspective on this person.

This is how I feel about learning Mark Hunt has blonde hair because of Dragon Ball Z.

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