The new cover of TATAME will make you want to learn Portuguese

At one point in my life I was a huge advocate of Kyra Gracie entering the MMA world, but upon further review, I just don’t want to see her inside a cage. In short, no one should be allowed to throw a punch, kick or elbow anywhere near Kyra. There’s no reason to mess up perfection. Kyra Gracie has already established herself as the most successful female Brazilian jiu-jitsu player on the scene and she literally has an inventory of world titles as evidence. The new cover of TATAME just proves that I really need to make a trip to Brazil. Fortunately, I have Bauzen to thank for letting Kyra Gracie know that I exist. She wanted him to relay the message of ‘obrigado’ for all of my continued support. If any of you are unaware, ‘obrigado’ in Portugese means ‘Zeus, you’re my soulmate’. Seriously, look it up.

Check out the cover of TATAME #176 featuring Kyra Gracie, an issue that will definitely get me to subscribe to a magazine I can never read. [Source]

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