The mullets start out 0-1 as Demetrious Johnson defeats Miguel Torres

I can’t recall a more entertaining ground battle than this in recent memory, but unfortunately, with a fight this good and this close, no matter who wins people are gonna get peeved their dude didn’t grab the victory. I had it a draw, but either way props to Mighty Mouse who has to be feeling good tonight, he’s sponsored by Xbox 360 and he pulled out the unanimous decision over the mullet wearing Carlson Gracie pupil Miguel Torres on the Spike prelims.

Brilliant ground performances from the both of them, as Mighty Mouse spent the majority of his time on top of Miguel (as expected) while Torres worked an extremely active and frenetic guard. Sadly, it seems like as long as you walk forward and are on top of your opponent, even if you are taking the brunt of the damage, you win. Hmmm.

The mullet tandem of Miguel Torres and Roy Nelson start out 0-1. Will Roy be able to even it up?

*update EckoMMA reminded us of Kendall Grove’s mullet. Mullets are 0-2 thus far tonight!

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