‘The Most Rawesomeness Fight in the Universe…Ever’ is done

‘The most rawesomeness fight in the universe…ever’ contest has ended today and we still think that’s the best name for any contest humankind has ever seen. So the entries rolled in and now we’re going to decide as to who really had the most rawesomness fight combination out there. Thanks to all that racked their brains and thought on the level that MiddleEasy.com operates on (we don’t even know what that means). 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be handed out in the next few days so if you get an email asking what your address is, don’t think it’s that one girl that you met at the bar that stalked you and got your email address (you only wish). Remember we still have the ADCC contest going on. All you have to do is become a registered memeber of MiddleEasy.com and you’re automatically entered.

On a side note you can all discuss amongst yourselves how disturbing that photoshopped picture of Bobby Lashley is. Imagine if you stepped in the cage with that. It’s sad to see him leave MiddleEasy.com but maybe he’ll return as a mascot in an effort to scare all children into going to sleep at their bedtimes.

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