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The MMA Gods frown on us. The top ten worst judge’s decisions in MMA ranked

The MMA Gods frown on us. The top ten worst judge’s decisions in MMA ranked

Shout out to the degenerate gambler who was on the wrong end of all ten of these whacky mixed martial arts judging decisions.  There has to be one dude out in the world who has watched MMA since the pre-Zuffa UFC days, through Pride, into the modern UFC era, to the WEC days, and still kept watching the sport in 2015 while he lost all his money. Despite all nine of these horrible decisions, he kept gambling his hard earned funds on the most unpredictable sport in the world.

Only to be failed yet again just a few months ago. Guy who lost cash on all ten of these fights? You’re the real MVP. Watching two humans fight each another in a cage and or ring for roughly 15 to 25 minutes is a pretty subjective thing. But how in the year 2015, are MMA judges still getting dumber? Do athletic commissions need to feed them better? Comfier stools to watch fights on?

If human judges are replaced with robot judges then fighters will soon be replaced by robots. The trickledown effect will lead to to be overrun by robots. I for one welcome our robot overlords and hope they enjoy top ten lists of MMA stuff.

10. Garcia 4 the win

9. Garcia 4 life

8. Pride never judge thee

7. Leg kicks don’t really hurt

6. Blame Canada

5. No, just no

4. Boo this man and that decision

3. ??????

2. ………………….

1. WTF


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