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The MiddleEasy Street MMA library has been FULLY restored!

The MiddleEasy Street MMA library has been FULLY restored!

What an absolute friggin’ process that was.

So when MiddleEasy transitioned over to the site upgrade (or downgrade for all you negative nancys), for some bizarre reason all of our previous Street MMA articles didn’t make the migration. We couldn’t fully explain it, but we knew how to fix it — and we’ve been putting it off because it was entirely too laborious. Without numbing your head with the technical details, each previous Street MMA article had to be manually restored in the database. That means we had to go into every old Street MMA article, update the banner, locate the video (if the link was dead), and ensure that each article would run at 100% on the new MiddleEasy. Fortunately throughout the years we developed a habit of backing up 95% of all videos that could possibly dissolve from the internet forever.

It goes without saying this helped us with the Street MMA restoration. We were able to preserve some of your classics like ‘Dude rocking only the superb survive shirt,‘ ‘The guy that got knocked out so hard he defied gravity by rolling up a hill,’ and of course the ‘Say Goodnight Fight.’ Since the original link for a large portion of these lessons in Street MMA have been deleted from the internet, MiddleEasy has now become the only place where you can watch them.

Oh, and we have more good news. We were able to restore every single reader comment we received on a Street MMA article throughout the years. They’re all still there, and your commentary is stellar.

So take some time to browse through the MiddleEasy ‘A Lesson in Street MMA library,’ we’re sure all of the answers you seek in life can be found there.

Check out the FULLY restored Street MMA section here!

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