The MiddleEasy/EA MMA Live Broadcast is coming

Things are getting very, very intense. The build up for the EA Sports MMA Live Broadcast this week is reaching a fever pitch. The EA messageboards are blowing up over the main event for the MiddleEasy championship fight between Tha Premiere and TheRushSTPierre. Smack talk is flying, training camps are being formed by some of the best players in the world and intense film viewing is going on as we speak. Here is an excerpt of some of the smack talk from Rush:

believe the hype Preimere is gonna get destroyed it will not even be a fight. I think it’s safe to say this is exactly like Anderson vs Sonnen except it will not have te same outcome. While that dirtbag plays some stupid game made by THQ. I am playing a real game I train with King on the ground and soupneck on the feet. All the guys in Middle easy tell me how great he is. I beat almost all the guys in the top 20. He can’t make any of those claims. He beats people who can not even hold there spot on the top 1000. Sure I mean when we see each other I will smile but as soon as he turns his back on me I will stab him in the back and leave without even cleaning up the mess. I am sure this guy is as good as these Middleeasy guys claim he is but thats what King and Soupneck are for we found alot of holes in his game. Like alot of you guys said he hasn’t played in awhile he got KOed by showtime and Dr KO on sunday and went right back to the THQ game again were he is number 1 in the world at. Listen you can be number one in that game but you will never be number one in this game. I am coming for 12 lbs of gold and I am coming for my Midddleeasy title. It is gonna be a fight on June 15 and after the man in the shark suit gets done saying my name I am gonna put in a big ol mouth cannon and walk away laughing.

Wow. Tha Premiere may have taken a hiatus, but he hasn’t been resting on his laurels. The champ has thrown together a nice little hype video to remind you he is still here and ready to take on all comers.

Remember you can watch all of this live right here on June 15th starting at 8pm est.

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