The Michael Jordan of Sumo is coming to MMA

Sumotori Asashoryu, the Michael Jordan of Sumo, just retired last week and immediately Sengoku and Dream are eyeing him with some interest to join their respective rosters (Super Hulk Tournament 2010 anyone?). Asashoryu holds Sumo’s highest title of Yokozuna and has won twenty five emperor cups! To put that in MMA terms he has won the equivalent of an open weight tournament that is filled with the top fighters 25 times. That’s pretty awesome considering the guy is only 29 years old. The bummer side of this intriguing prospect are the allegations that he drunkenly broke some dudes nose last month and that is the main reason he is retiring from the sumo game. However, that doesn’t mean MMA is out of the question for the grand champ. [Source]

Check out a few of Yokozuna’s incredible wins from a few years ago. As a reminder, in Sumo rules if any part of your body touches the mat, you are done. Asashoryu is in black.

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