The Michael Bisping Eye Curse is a thing now: fresh cut before UFC Fight Night 55

All of Michael Bisping’s cumulative negative karma has concentrated itself in a six-square-inch area below his fantastic hair. That, or some jilted former opponent has purchased a Bisping voodoo doll and turned its face into an eyeball pincushion.

One year ago, Bisping discovered he had unwittingly competed in two consecutive fights with a detached right retina. He had corrective surgery, but the retina became re-detached. Like a crestfallen pirate, an eye patch wearing Count explained how the injury almost ended his career.

“I was having a good time, and then all of a sudden, my vision just completely went in my right eye,” he said in an interview with MMAFighting. “It’s (usually) very blurry, but this time it completely went. I kind of got concerned. I called it a night and drove home, and as I drove home it just got worse and worse.”

“When I got home, I was pretty much blind in my right eye. My girlfriend, when she looked at me, she almost started crying, she said, because my eye had filled up with blood. The iris, the colored part, was no longer blue. It was all red. I thought, that’s it. Fight career over. This and that, I’m blind in my eye.”

Following a presumably successful second recovery, he is scheduled to fight Luke Rockhold at UFC Fight Night 55 Saturday. Of course, he just suffered a cut in training while bumping heads with a training partner during takedown drills.

“(It’s) nothing at all to be worried about,” Bisping said to MMA Junkie. “He’s not going to land a glove on me. I could have had stitches all over my face. I had a tiny little cut. It was a clash of heads.” Rockhold disagreed, saying, “He better put some grease on that eye.”

So the Bisping Eye Curse is a real thing. If this were basketball, he could pull a Lebron James and face off in a stylish clear mask. But this is MMA, and the rules compel the Brit to squint his tormented eyelids and suck up his orbital curse like a man.

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