The Last Emperor can beat The Last Dragon

When you speak, the MMA gods listen. In last week’s polls we asked “Who or what has the best chance to defeat Lyoto Machida?” and your answer…by a very narrow margin was Fedor Emelianenko beating out Anderson Silva by only 0.9%. The Karate Kid only pulled 7.2% of the vote and 10.8% of you guys believe that Machida is impossible to defeat. Alright, now all we need is Machida dropping out of the UFC (highly unlikely) or Fedor entering UFC (equally highly unlikely). Next question was “Who’s the next professional athelete that should enter the MMA world?”. With 42.9% of the vote, Ron Artest stomped everyone (it’s all about the past hisory profiling) including Jeremy Shockey who came in second place with 20.4%.  And the last question in the weekly poll was “Which female videogame character would have the best MMA career?”. Coming from a guy that fronts like he can play Street Fighter 4 until he gets stomped in a tournament in the first round, it was no surprise that Chun Li won in the polls with 44.2% of the vote. The chick is beyond gangster, just ask Kristin Kreuk. Lara Croft nabbed second place and digital hottie Cammy from Street Fighter got third

Now in this weeks poll we ask the ultimate question(s). But how is that unlike every single week on this site? 

Which superhero has the best chance to win a fight using only MMA rules?

Who was the bigger bully in highschool?

Who would you like to see Dana White fight in the cage?

You know what to do. Vote smart (or dumb) and vote daily. Lets get it on.


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