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The Korean Zombie doesn’t care that you don’t know his real name

The Korean Zombie doesn’t care that you don’t know his real name

We never assumed the undead would play the jingoism card whenever they integrated into society, but being called ‘The Korean Zombie’ has just sort of worked for Chan Sung Jung. Yeah, that’s his real name — actually depending on what side of the planet you’re from it could be Jung Chan-Sung. The point is most of you haven’t seen those words assembled in any sort of fashion for the past few months now. Even ZUFFA is marketing UFC 163 as ‘Jose Aldo vs. The Korean Zombie.’ If you’re not a drag queen or a hip-hop artist (or Sting, since he awkwardly fits in there), permanently being referred to as your nickname is somewhat bizarre. However for Jung, the dude is used to it — in fact he actually likes it. Check out what he told MMA Junkie’s @BenFowlkesMMA in this interview.

I prefer it that way, I think it’s the best (nickname) in MMA.

A lot of how I fight is instinctual. Especially in that first Garcia fight, I fought on my instincts, what people describe as the zombie style. After the George Roop fight, I did a lot of thinking about my fighting style. For this fight as well, I’ve thought a lot about how it’s going to unfold. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think I’ve changed.

I still plan on bludgeoning every journalist that includes ‘he/she said’ in the middle of their quotes. Of course I know that’s what he/she said, that’s the entire point why I’m reading it. Stop assuming everyone has impaired short term memories and will abruptly forget who the quote is originating from — as we’re reading the quote. That goes for you too, Ben.

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