The Korean Zombie calls out Mark Hominick

Everybody needs a zombie survival plan. George Roop had one, but he forgot to double tap. I have a few; one of them is borrowed from Terminator 2 of all places. I’m sure we remember the end battle between Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 and Robert Patrick’s T-1000. It was a spectacle pitting the sheer determination of the T-800 against the better equipped and near indestructible T-1000, whose only weakness was a strategy involving firing a grenade into his chest and dropping him into a giant vat of molten steel.

Some say that this is the only way to take out Jose Aldo. Well, nobody has actually said that until now, but they should. Mark Hominick probably would have tried that if a Rachni hadn’t started to hatch on his forehead.

Either way, if Hominick wants to borrow this zombie survival plan, based on firing grenades into them until they fall into giant vats of molten steel he could certainly trial it for me on the Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, who recently called him out on Twitter:

As long as the winner remembers to go take out Miles Dyson afterwards, I’ll be happy. It still freaks me out that Skynet really exists. [Source]

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