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The judge in War Machine’s latest trial repeatedly violated the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct

The judge in War Machine’s latest trial repeatedly violated the Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct

The passage of time is an unwavering constant in a world fraught with inconsistencies, and with time naturally comes change. One could argue that change therefore is natural, including societal change. The current bourgeois hegemony with one dominant class projecting its own norms and values upon the rest of society through both ideological and repressive state apparatuses often has typically dire results for those who fail to adhere to them and we could infer that it is only a matter of time before it falls under the weight of its own hypocrisy. The case of War Machine is a particularly salient reminder of this.

After last year pleading guilty to an old battery charge in Las Vegas along with making a plea agreement with District Attorney David J. Roger stating he would not serve any jail time, War Machine came up against Judge Valerie Adair at the start of the month. After hearing the case she sentenced Mr Machine to one year in jail. Alan Beck from Yahoo! took note of the court transcript and objected to a number of violations of judicial ethics which he observed from Judge Valerie Adair.

In particular, he claims she violated Canon 2 Rule 2.3(b), in place to ensure the absence of bias or prejudice in the performance of judicial duties; Canon 2 Rule 2.8(b) which reminds judicial officials to remain courteous and dignified to all they interact with in an official manner; and Canon 2 Rule 2.5 (b) which instructs judges to cooperate with other judges and court officials. Her comments regarding his profession not being a real job and not contributing meaningfully to society, her unfounded and irrelevant accusation of drug abuse and disregard for War Machine’s plea agreement made with the District Attorney fall into these Canon 2 Rules respectively.

I have no idea if War Machine has any sort of recourse regarding the observation of these violations but going on previous experiences, our readership has a varied academic background so if there is anyone out there particularly au fait with US law, bang it in the comments section. I recommend you have a look at the complete article here.

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