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The jabbing Rory MacDonald jabbed his way to victory by jabbing Jake Ellenberger

The jabbing Rory MacDonald jabbed his way to victory by jabbing Jake Ellenberger

Can we acknowledge the amount of (jab) “Woo-ing” going on right now? Not medieval courtships (jabs). Some form of mesmerizing, drunken revelry. Okay, every person shouting out “woo!” (jab) might not be inebriated, but it’s not exactly a stretch to think that they might be (probably are). Now that I’ve gotten that (jab) out of my system let’s talk about the (jab) welterweight fight that may, or may not, have (jab) been a number one (jab) contender match, but probably was, but then Rory Macdonald awkwardly (jab) said he has no interest in fighting teammates, so it hasn’t “officially” been billed as a title eliminator (run on sentence) (jab). Speaking of Macdonald’s (jab) awkwardness, that prefight promo featuring both fighters reminded me of that (jab) time when Godsmack and Story of the Year got into a fight at a show backstage.

Then the fight started, and the “woos” were silent. By the third round they were full on “boos.” Look, we knew this could happen. Even Joe Rogan commented that the (jab) fight playing out this way was something everyone had in the back of their (jab) mind, but was hoping wouldn’t happen. It wasn’t that it was a bad fight (there have certainly been worse), but it was one of those instances of a (jab) fight being hyped up to play out a certain way by the UFC, media and the fighters themselves, but then not delivering on any of the (jab) promises. After three rounds of Macdonald jabbing (jab), he took home the decision victory, but it’s unlikely any fight bonuses are going to be rewarded. Bummer, 50k can buy a lot of H&M. Jab.


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