The Hunt Weight Saga Continues: Hunt will chew off an arm if necessary, and still might get the KO

The weight of Mark Hunt is becoming a subject of MMA folklore. “Nice weather today, I wonder how much Mark Hunt weighs,” your secretary casually asks at the office water cooler. With one day to go before he fights Fabricio Werdum, it’s obviously time to talk some more about the 300-pound elephant in the room.

Relax, the weight wasn’t an issue for his fight against Nelson, and it isn’t an issue now. Because Hunto is bringing a tourniquet to weigh-ins, and he will remove a limb if necessary.

“I’ve got no excuse about not making weight,” he said in an interview with Submission Radio. “Even 10-and-a-half kilos. I gotta talk to (UFC president) Dana (White) about a few things, but if you can’t make weight, don’t take the fight. We’ll just chew an arm off. I’ve got a lot of weight on me I can lose.” 

A one-armed Hunt would obviously affect betting lines, considering he is a striker and all. But assuming he lops off his jabbing arm, he probably still has a pretty good chance of knocking Werdum out.

“Everyone’s a world-class ground fighter until they get a punch in the face,” he continued. “That’s how I deal with all these ground fighters. I hit ’em in the head and there goes your **** black belt.”

Hunt is right. It’s really difficult to tie a black belt with one hand. But you only need one arm to wave hello to a crowd after a walk-off KO.

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