The Hangover: UFC 181 edition

Let me tell you something brother. I don’t think I’m crazy when I say that UFC 181 was the best card of 2014. Let’s look back on the night! 

Ruthless Robbie Lawler is the new UFC welterweight champion after a fight that easily could’ve gone either way and I truly think that we’ll see…hell we NEED a third fight between Lawler & Hendricks. Did he win four rounds like one judge thought? Of course not, that judge is stupid. But I, like the other two judges thought that Lawler won three of the five. Lawler started the fight like he was shot out of a cannon and he ended the fight like he was shot out of a cannon. Hendricks did his thing in rounds 2 & 3, round 4 is where people will look back as the deciding round in this fight. Just think fight fans, we get to see these two give it one more go in 2015.
Anthony Pettis has got soul & he’s super bad.
Anthony Pettis, Showtime if you will has now submitted Ben Henderson AND Gil Melendez. Wow. Melendez came out with what everyone thought was the “perfect” gameplan against Pettis. Pressure, pressure, pressure. But y’know, Pettis was able to touch Gil and the rest is history. Oh, someone tell Joe Silva to get Pettis vs. Nurmagomedov booked ASAP.
Travis Browne, good at fighting.
Browne dropped Brendan Schaub with an uppercut and nothing was the same, dawg. Love me some Travis Browne. Did you know he (along with Cain Velasquez, Andrei Arlovski & Roy Nelson) has the most 1st round KOs by a heavyweight in UFC history?
Duffee gonna Duffee.
Todd Duffee murdered a man in 33 seconds tonight. Well, not really but you get it. Duffee crushed it. Literally.
CM Punk signs with the UFC & everyone turns into a snark.
It’s announced that CM Punk signs with the UFC and UFC fighters get snarky and call him out. MMA journalists get snarky and ask “HOW DARE THE UFC SIGN A FAKE WRESTLER?! HE’S NEVER TRAINED MMA IN HIS LIFE! WE WATCHED FREAK FIGHTS IN PRIDE ALL THE TIME BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT!!” Listen. If you’re an MMA journalist that was around during the PRIDE days and complaining about this, get over yourself. This is great for business. If you’re a UFC fighter ready to call him out to prove a point, stop it. You’re probably a gatekeeper ready to get smashed by the next title contender. If you’re a fighter not signed by the UFC that went off to Asia to fight, STOP. Come back stateside & beat some relevant fighters. I, Marcus Hall am all for CM, um I mean Phil Brooks being a UFC fighter. If James Toney can do it, Punk definitely can.
Someone get Abel Trujillo a bigger gas tank.
Trujillo throws some HEAVY hands. However, it seems that if his heavy hands don’t connect early his energy meter tends to flash red like in Excitebike. You guys remember excitebike right? Of course you do. Tony Ferguson took advantage and took home a victory. 
Quick prelim thoughts
  • It’s a shame that Uriah Faber’s win is going to be a smidge overshadowed by his accidental eyepoke. With that being said, Francisco Rivera looked damn good against Faber. 
  • What a knockout by Josh Samman. Eddie Gordon was laid stiff after the head kick. Probably the KO of the year and a great moment after everything that Samman’s been through this year. 
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