The Gracie Breakdown is back with an enthusiastic clip on Garza’s flying triangle

Remember those standardized tests you had to take in grade school with number 2 pencils and those fill in the bubble forms? There would always be a section full of random analogy compare and contrast questions on there to test your ability to recognize likenesses amongst things that were very different. This morning, while I was sitting at my desk watching the latest Gracie Breakdown video of the GSP Shields fight and Garza’s incredible flying triangle from UFC 129, I came up with a most perfect MMA analogy: Bob Ross is to painting, as Ryron and Rener’s Gracie Breakdown is to MMA.

Maybe it was the sun dancing across my desk and the birds happily chirping outside my window that helped influence this, but I couldn’t help felling like I was having an MMA style Bob Ross moment. Ryron and Rener have the abillityt to hypnotize me into watching and listening to them softly and with an infectuous enthusiasm talk about jiu jitsu techniques and fight breakdowns all day long, just like Bob Ross could make you somehow watch him paint ‘happy little trees’ all day long. Just like Bob Ross makes me believe I can happily paint trees and clouds, the Gracie’s make me believe I would smile happily while Rener or Ryron let me practice triangle choke techniques on them. Check it out:

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