The first punch knocked this guy out, the second punch was just brutality in this MMA bout

The planet Earth orbits a yellow dwarf star that was created 4.6 billion years ago by a gravitational collapse of a region within a large molecular cloud. Since then, life on Earth has evolved from primitive protozoa life to the bipedal humanoid creatures that you are. Throughout this entire 3.6 billion year-long process of evolution, every living creature that ever emerged from this planet had one goal in common: to one day pull off a knockout exactly like Dan Henderson did at UFC 100 against Michael Bisping.

A splendid overhand right followed by a diving lunge punch perfectly placed on someone’s chin to finish up the job of sending their body astral traveling. It happened this past weekend at Hidden Talent MMA: Round 4 when Rollie Baguisa took on Mike Richards in the 135 pound division.

Go to the 0:35 mark for the action!

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