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Part 1 of the epic conclusion to Sonnen’s War is here, and it’s incredible

Part 1 of the epic conclusion to Sonnen’s War is here, and it’s incredible

This is it, part 1 of the final installment of Sonnen’s War. It’s like a New Orleans funeral here in the MiddleEasy offices. On one hand, you have another lengthy bit of rawesome hilarity, but it’s also the last one. So what are we supposed to do? Well, it’s Sunday (at the time of this writing) so it just seems right to lean back in whatever you’re sitting in (at your own risk) and read the entirety of Sonnen’s War in one giant act of binge-reading. Even if it’s depressing that this is the beginning of the end. Sometimes over-consuming is a good thing, especially when you’re feeding your brain the latest and greatest from Masato Toys. 

In descending order for no good reason, you can read the penultimate episode here, the sixth episode by clicking this word which has evolved into a hyperlink, and is superior to just a simple word because a hyperlink has multiple purposes. It’s because of this self satisfaction that most hyperlinks go on to live happy, fulfilled lives with a lower divorce rate. The fifth episode can be found here. The fourth one is here. Then you can enjoy the third, second and finally the first episode by clicking any one of these three words. It’s like Irreversible but not at all, and we’re giving you a choice in how to view Sonnen’s War. Pick them out of order if you want to get really crazy.

Below is Episode 8 part 1. We’ll start with the first page, with the rest after the jump. 

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