The entire first episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries and Mike fighting himself in Punch Out! are in this ‘internet post’

Mike Tyson Punch Out Mysteries sounds like it could be an interesting spinoff to Mike Tyson Mysteries. I’d be down to watch Glass Joe and King Hippo smuggling priceless heirlooms over the Venezuelan border to Mark Zuckerberg’s heavily guarded multi-billion dollar gene bank complex. Mike Tyson shows off his stealthy maneuvers and infiltrates the complex by strangling the guards with the cords of old NES controllers. In the big showdown, Zuckerberg’s cybernetically enhanced intelligence spits Mike Tyson’s own trash talk at Tyson, which short circuits his brain momentarily. Seeing his chance to escape, Zuckerberg climbs the scaffolding to the helipad on the roof. Mike Tyson regains his senses, and pulls out 3 razor-edged cartridges of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! and tosses them at the weight-bearing poles on the scaffolding, collapsing the structure.  

Tyson gets helped to his feet by his comrades, then sifts through the twisted steel that enveloped the creator of Facebook.

“Where ith he?” 

Laughter from above as King Hippo, Glass Joe and Mark Zuckerberg fly away in jet packs.

“Cowards.” Mike Tyson said. “We’ll meet again. I’ll make them kith my ass.”

Here’s the first episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries, which is fantastic.

And now here’s Mike Tyson fighting Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

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