The Battle For Brock Intensifies as Coker Claims That Brock Moves Needles

Brock Lesnar is a rarity these days.

He’s a guy that lost his last UFC fight and decided to head back to professional wrestling yet we are at the point where when his contract runs out in April chances are that we’ll see a tug-of-war between the UFC, Viacom and the WWE to secure the rights to Brock Lesnar’s needle moving services.

It’s unclear how Lesnar would do in current day UFC’s Heavyweight division, but chances are that he’d be able to move some PPVs or draw some TV ratings no matter what. Lesnar’s name has come up in relation to Bellator of late and Scott Coker confirmed his interest in the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE star.

Coker does this in the most Coker way possible of skirting around a real answer and just saying that there have been no talks with Lesnar yet, but that it is something that he is going to want to visit in January, to see if Lesnar is interested in returning to MMA. Brock Lesnar is currently 37 years old and many have noted that he turns an interesting shade of dark red/light purple when he’s wrestling now, with that turning into concern over his condition. But hey, why the hell not, right?

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