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The 8 Greatest Live Reactions When Chris Weidman Knocked Out Anderson Silva at UFC 162

The 8 Greatest Live Reactions When Chris Weidman Knocked Out Anderson Silva at UFC 162

Ever since Anderson Silva was knocked out by Chris Weidman at UFC 162 it feels like the entire universe has been rendered invalid. We can’t redeem our existence anymore. The benchmark of athletic perfection in the combat realm was Anderson Silva. He was the veritable measuring stick that we judged all fighters by. Now that the entire system of measurement has collapsed, nothing can be taken seriously. We’re living a state of chaos, and fortunately people out there insisted on documenting their confusion at the events that transpired during the main event of UFC 162.

Check out The 8 Greatest Live Reactions When Chris Weidman Knocked Out Anderson Silva at UFC 162, only on MiddleEasy.

Three Couch Surfers in Disbelief

Let me guess, you were sitting comfortable on your sofa, soaking in all of Anderson Silva’s in-fight antics until the inevitable happened. Sort of like these guys. Their reaction basically encapsulated how everyone felt at UFC 162. Shock quickly followed up by a strong sense of disbelief this Chris Weidman actually knocked out Anderson Silva.

The Obligatory Buffalo Wild Wings Reaction

We’re assuming this video originated from Buffalo Wild Wings, since a reaction compilation is nothing without a shaky video shot inside of BWW. This videographer was in such disbelief at Weidman’s KO that he literally couldn’t hold the camera on the crowd. Either that or he’s just really horrible at this whole ‘cinematography’ stuff. Check it out.


The ‘Let’s Relocate From Our Original Positions As Quickly As Possible’ reaction video

Comedian Chris D’elia actually has a joke in his routine in which he points out that when something is so unbelievable, guys need to physically stand up, relocate and then eventually migrate to their original positions when the initial state of shock is over. A lot of you probably did the same thing when you witnessed the KO that changed MMA last week at UFC 162.


The MMA fan that thinks he jinxed the entire fight

We all felt like this in some way. Our brazen confidence in The Spider enabled him to lose in some metaphysical method that is far too complex for anyone to understand. However, maybe this guy is on to something. I mean, how many of you guys actually knocked on wood before watching the main event at UFC 162? Exactly


Turn your head for one second and you ended up like this guy

I actually did exactly what this guy did while Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman was on. For some odd reason I looked down at my laptop to tweet something and suddenly I heard the entire audience scream. I casually looked up thinking Anderson Silva pulled some Matrix-like stunt, but it was actually Weidman hovering over Silva’s near lifeless body. Still to this day I can’t believe that actually happened.


These guys mastering the art of celebrating without spilling their beers

It takes incredible talent to jump around in a living room while grasping on to your beer bottle like Conan holds on to a double-edged sword. These guys have it mastered, in fact they should teach classes on the skill it takes to properly celebrate like men while never letting go of your adult beverage of choice. Check it out below


Supreme confidence shortly followed by supreme disbelief

One moment you’re in awe by how entertaining it is to watch Anderson Silva fight and then within seconds all of that excitement has vacated the body. What’s left is a sense of sheer confusion, almost like you’re waiting for someone to hit the reset button so the universe will go back to normal. Well, there is no such button. We all live an age in which Anderson Silva is no longer the UFC middleweight champion, and we all just have to do deal with it — including this guy.


The crowd reaction from UFC 162

Of course we were going to put a crowd reaction from UFC 162 in a MiddleEasy reaction compilation. I mean what type of hooligans do you think we are? If you were inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena on July 6th then you were part of one of the most sport-defining moments in MMA history. We don’t think a single person was still in their seat when Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva in the second round, and this video just proves it.

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