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That win was 10% Sexy 90% Roughneck

That win was 10% Sexy 90% Roughneck

When your name begins with ‘Sex’ you’re almost guaranteed a blitzkrieg of drunk calls on a Friday night. If Sexyama was a burrito he would be stuffed with a pile of refried hotness (at least that’s what all the women tell me). Dude is the coverboy for Nike in Japan and just last year he was married to the very hot, Shiho Yano.

Regardless of how cool any of that seems, Sexyama caught his first loss since Jerome LeBanner KOd him at K-1 Heroes over five years ago. God made Chris Leben to fight. I can’t imagine this dude working customer service at Dell Computers or checking in your luggage at American Airlines.

Props to Leben on being the first UFC fighter to grab two wins in exactly two weeks. Hopefully one day we’ll get the fight that was promised to us nearly a year ago with Sexyama vs. Wandy, but until then, Chris Leben will bang away through the middleweight division.

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