That really cute Dutch chick is at it again, this time with Marloes Coenen

Before we go on, if you’ve ever prefaced a conversation or comment with ‘She can get me in an triangle anyday’, then your MMA fan card needs to be revoked immediately. If not revoked, then suspended indefinitely for making perhaps the most cliche statement towards women in MMA in the history of women in MMA. Look, we know [insert fighter name] is hot, and we know that certain moves in BJJ brings two people closer together, but for your hopes to foster a relationship relying solely on you going unconsciousness, that’s just not a good sign of things to come.

If you can recall a few months ago, a Dutch reported named ‘Bo’ was brutally owned by Alistair Overerem in a .gif that has essentially dominated the internet. Now that she’s recovered, Bo proves that she’s a glutton for punishment by sparring with Marloes  Coenen. All this woman on woman crime needs to stop. Just kidding. Keep calm and carry on. [Source]

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