MMA Rundown

In Thailand felons can get early release if they win Muay Thai fights, here’s the trailer for Prison Fighters

This is intense. One fight, one opportunity for your freedom is the premise for the new documentary Prison Fighters from Showtime. With a premise straight out of some dystopian Science Fiction flick, Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds To Freedom goes deep cover into a rising practice in the country of Thailand.

With the population of prisoner to cell space limited, the government of Thailand has twisted the criminal justice system to allow for liberation by Muay Thai fights. That’s right, if you want a royal pardon for your crimes in Thailand all you have to do is fight your way through the ranks of their fully sanctioned and accredited Prison Fight Club circuit.

Government sponsored violence where prisoners fight other prisoners in the hopes of an early release date? Okay, we’re in.

Check the first trailer for Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds To Freedom before the Friday February 24th premier date below

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