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Terrance McKinney Documents “Dying Twice” Ahead of UFC Debut Fight

UFC lightweieght Terrance McKinney documented a moment back in 2014 which nearly cost him his life before his UFC debut this weekend

Terrance McKinney Documents “Dying Twice” Ahead of UFC Debut Fight

It only took one second to change the life of Terrance McKinney. In a recent reflection, Terrance spoke about an incident in 2014 which cost him his life multiple times. Nonetheless, McKinney will be making his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 263.

McKinney Tells Dark 2014 Story

McKinney made one of the biggest mistakes of his life in 2014. He found himself on the wrong side of the law, under the influence of a mixture of alcohol, acid, and psychedelic shrooms. He sat propped against the fence, throwing grass on himself as he “saw demons” on his own accord.

“I ended up seeing demons, I was very incoherent, I was pretty much out of my mind,” Mckinney documented.

“When they tried to engage me I started going crazy so they had to tase me, like multiple tases, I ate it like it was nothing. They finally got me down and was able to restrain me and get me to the hospital and that’s where I ended up dying twice. I didn’t even know I died, that was the scariest part. It really just made me settle down and think, ‘Is this what I want, or do I want something better?’”

Terrance was so intoxicated, that in his own opinion, he believed that if the cops exercised using deadly force, they wouldn’t have been wrong. Luckily, they were able to get him to the hospital.

“I’m just grateful that I wasn’t shot,” he said. “Because the way I was acting, they kind of had every right. I was fighting them.”

Making his UFC Debut

Heading into his fight, the message of “T.Wrecks” is simple; don’t let one second change your life for the worse. Instead, recognize your purpose and maximize your potential, which is precisely what he’s doing at UFC 263.

McKinney is set to face Matt Frevola in a lightweight battle on the early preliminary portion of the card. The fights will air on ESPN+ at 6 pm EST.

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