Ten fights are set for Dynamite!! 2010, too bad we only know three of them

I have a friend that has a pet pot-belly pig. He named it ‘1/3’. The name wasn’t the result of a life-long obsession with fractions. The pig was named ‘1/3’ because it constituted exactly 1/3 of a complete daily breakfast. Just imagine going through this world and regardless of whatever accomplishments you attain in your little pig life, you will forever be considered tasty with eggs and toast. You can never escape your timely grave — located on some breakfast plate at Denny’s.

There’s an element of existentialism in all of this, I’m just not that sophisticated to figure it out. Luckily, we have Sakuraba to break down philosophical concepts and regurgitate them in an easy-to-read iPhone app. At Dynamite!! 2010, Sakuraba will partake in his first title fight since he banged with Wanderlei Silva over nine years ago at Pride 17. According to MMAJunkie, Kazushi Sakuraba will face The Whitemare, Mariusz Zaromskis, or better known as the guy that poked Waachiim Spiritwolf in the eye to ruin one of the most anticipated last-minute match-ups this year. This Dynamite!! 2010 bout will be for the DREAM welterweight title, which means Sakuraba has the opportunity to be the second oldest fighter to hold a major title in mixed martial arts. We all know that father Couture takes the cake, defending his UFC heavyweight title at the age of forty-five. Sure the fight may not make any sense, but it’s Japan, you got to just let this stuff slide. Sakuraba claims this will be his final fight.

Last month, it was confirmed that Bibiano Fernandes will defend his DREAM featherweight belt against Takaya at Dynamite!! 2010. Somewhere in Japan, Omigawa is still picking up the pieces of glass from when he threw his chair at his television immediately after hearing this news. This wasn’t the first time Michihiro was shafted, and judging by his troubled career in Sengoku and DREAM, it will not be his last.

MMAFighting broke the news late last night that Kawajiri and Josh Thomson have inked a contract to fight at Dynamite!! 2010 which one can only assume will go down much like Gilbert Melendez vs. Kawajiri, but just a tad more rawesome. There’s also another rumored between Jerome Le Banner and Gegard Mousasi which is supposed to happen under MMA rules. Still, nothing has been signed and in fact, the last time we talked to Mousasi, he told us that he would probably fight Satoshi Ishii at Dynamite!! 2010. No opponent has been slated for The Baka Survivor, so it looks like he will continue to take blurry camera-phone pictures of magazines. [Source]

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