Miesha Tate Gets Dominant TKO Win In Return Against Marion Reneau – UFC Vegas 31 Results (Highlights)

Tate returned to the win column in her first fight since 2016 as she TKO'd Reneau in the third round at UFC Vegas 31.

Miesha Tate

A women’s bantamweight encounter between the returning Miesha Tate and Marion Reneau is taking place now (Saturday, July 17, 2021) at UFC Vegas 31.

Round 1

Reneau throws some jabs early. Tate misses a leg kick. Both fighters start to swing but nothing has landed from both sides. Tate does connect with a leg kick though. Reneau lands a leg kick of her own soon after. Tate is looking to land one-twos. Reneau does well to land a couple of right hands as Tate eats them. Reneau with another leg kick. Tate looks for more one twos but hasn’t landed any with much success. She then level changes and has Reneau clinched against the fence. Reneau defends well and throws a knee. They eventually separate. Tate starts to find a home for the right hand before she finally gets Reneau down. Tate passes to half guard and finishes the round on top.

That’s one for Tate. 10-9.

Round 2

Reneau with a front kick to the face but Tate eats it. Tate is the one advancing forward but is unable to land anything. Reneau lands a left hook. Reneau continues to land some shots and is getting busier. Tate shoots and after some Reneau holds on to the cage to defend, Tate eventually picks up her and gets her down. Tate is in the half guard but Reneau is threatening with a kimura from the bottom. Tate seems to be fine as she continues to land elbows to Reneau’s body. Tate gets to her feet. Reneau threatens with up kicks before Tate goes back into the half guard and lands a nice elbow. Tate follows it up with some hammer fists and another elbow as Reneau is busted up and bleeding from her nose. Tate lands more strikes before standing up and going back on top to land strikes. The round ends.

Strong round for Tate. 20-18.

Round 3

Tate has started this round strong as well as she is piecing Reneau up on the feet. She then shoots for a takedown but Reneau is defending so far. Tate gets her down and seems to be in submission trouble but repositions and now looks to take Reneau’s back. Tate has her back and finishes the fight with strikes from the top!

Official result: Miesha Tate defeats Marion Reneau via TKO (R3, 1:53)

Check out the highlights below:

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