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Take two aspirin, watch this walk-off KO, then call us in the morning

Take two aspirin, watch this walk-off KO, then call us in the morning

Walk-off KO’s are probably the coolest thing you can do in a combat sport outside the inverted standing triangle. In fact, walk-off anything is the coolest thing you can do in any competitive scenario. Walk-off videogame wins where you drop the controller and just up and leave the room with your opponent dazed is the nerd equivalent to kissing a girl who isn’t related. Walk-off golf where you sink a putt, drop your club and walk away is baller as hell (but a bit annoying for the foursome behind you). Walk-off bowling where you throw the ball and turn around as you get a strike was actually officially recognized by Canadian parliament as the coolest thing anyone could ever do legally in 1996 (Kingpin was era-defining).

Life is just better when a fresh walk-off KO comes across our desks at the MiddleEasy offices. In slow motion we huddle around a computer and take it in, high-fives exchange with bright smiles and the clink of Culligan water-filled Dixie cups marking the occasion. An approving nod later and it is magically placed upon the front page for all of you to enjoy along with us. So please, watch this fight from Shock n’ Awe 11 and learn why the call Alexei Roberts “Boom“.

The fight starts at 7:15.


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