Take some time out of your day to watch this off the cage Superman punch

I was hugely into comics growing up. I loved the art, the characters, the over the top violence, I loved it all. I was totally a Dark Horse and Image kid, the only time I would delve into the mainstream DC and Marvel was to follow Jim Lee’s X-Men because I loved his art style so much. As soon as he left Marvel to create Wild C.A.T.S I jumped ship with him. It didn’t hurt that once upon a time Spawn was totally awesome too, before McFarlane decided he wanted to become Gepetto and make toys for the rest of his days. Oh and Savage Dragon. Gotta love the Dragon.

Although I never purchased a Superman comic before 1993, the the ponytailed dude wearing a Sandman shirt running the counter slipped a ‘Death of Superman’ issue wrapped in black plastic with a bloody ‘S’ logo on the front into my paper bag of weekly pickups. I didn’t realize he put it in there until I got home. What was this? Tearing the wrapping off and instantly diving into Superman’s final battle with Doomsday I was hooked. Superman friggin hit Doomsday so hard it shattered the majority of Metropolis’ windows. How could I not be impressed with this guy’s intergalactic level striking?

Incidentally 1993 was the same year I watched my first MMA match. It was a big year for me. Now 18 years later the Superman punch is evolving, now people are using the cage to fly through the air just like Superman, delivering his powerful blow to an opponent at BBQ Beatdown 37, a Tiger Mauy Thai production, sounds delicious.

Hey, the ref is another guy who has a famous symbol on his chest! Brian Ebersole!


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