Take forty minutes out of your life and watch every UFC trailer from UFC 100 to UFC 151

If you’ve completed everything a productive human needs to accomplish on this beautiful Sunday on Earth, then what better way to unwind than by watching fifty-one UFC trailers back to back omnisciently and happily? That’s what I just did. I cut the lawn, played with the babies (in general) then came inside to find my office chair in the most welcoming of positions. Frankly I’m shocked how entertained I was by watching these old trailers. I was reminded of what Quentin Tarantino’s grandpappy said in the mid 90’s: ‘a declarative man is apt to look foolish in retrospect‘ and after watching this one, one has to take note of many silly comments made by certain parties throughout the years, doesn’t one?

Great job dude who loves compiling UFC trailers for our enjoyment. You’re the best at compiling UFC trailers.


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