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Surprise, Nick Diaz no-showed for Michael Schiavello’s ‘The Voice vs.’ AXS TV show

Surprise, Nick Diaz no-showed for Michael Schiavello’s ‘The Voice vs.’ AXS TV show

Nick Diaz missed a scheduled appointment for a media event, and no one should be shocked about that. In fact I would be surprised if you actually expected Nick Diaz to show for anything aside from a fight in the Octagon, back alley, or a triathlon event. Literally nothing is worth leaving his house in Stockton, California for Nick Diaz. He has everything he needs, like nunchucks, organic, gluten-free munchies, and of course the entire series of The Wire on Blu-Ray. That’s an entire summer right there, folks.

So Michael Schiavello expected Nick Diaz to be a part of his ‘The Voice vs.’ show on AXS TV and Nick had other plans, like reminiscing about old high-school flings. The episode was slated to air in the beginning of August, but now the entire show is up in smoke. See, what…yeah.

Props to jersonordavid on the news tip, enjoy your 100 points, playa.

MEpoint offer: +50 to anyone that can come up with the greatest Nick Diaz excuse for missing the show in the comment section below.

Update: Winner is undoubtedly SkeetEmUp.

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<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p><a href=”″>@nickdiaz209</a> has no showed The Voice Versus. Nick you have let your fans down again… And me a big fan in particular. Unprofessional mate.</p>&mdash; MichaelSchiavello.·. (@SchiavelloVOICE) <a href=”″>July 22, 2013</a></blockquote>
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