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SuperCalo visits Germany and ADIDAS HQ: Part II

SuperCalo visits Germany and ADIDAS HQ: Part II

Herzogenaurach Baveria  16th January 2014.

I am staying at the 3 star Gaestehaus-Herzogenaurach

This is a delightful bed and breakfast type hotel. The eggs at breakfast are done two ways, scrambled & boiled, although I was disappointed in that they seemed to have been boiled overly long and the yolk rather than being soft and silky was hard with a rubbery texture.

I was still riding high on my first taste of German breakfast so did not complain to management although I did put in a negative review to regarding this oversight by the chefs.  


The room was comfortable and the décor was appealing in a middle of the road hotel kind of way, checking under the bed I found no great masses of dust balls or similar which was disappointing in some respects as I have often used this to obtain discounts on room price.



Deciding to engage in Bavarian culture my next stop was a Beer Hall or “Bierhalle”  , however there was some confusion over this and I some how ended up at a  Biergarten which is like a Beer Hall or Bierhalle but in a garden, however for the most part I stayed in the indoor hall part of the premises.

Feeling hungry after the disappointing hard boiled eggs I tried the pork knuckle which along with pretzels is one of the recommended foods to eat when drinking large quanties of beir


Due to the language barrier I am still uncertain if there is a actual knuckle on a pork, I suspect the knuckle is actually off a beef animal due to its size.

The bier was once again suburb and I tried several different varieties in the large stein glasses in friendly competition with some of the locals as to who could drink fastest and the most. While I came last in terms of outcome I feel I came first in terms of gaining respect, from my fellow drinkers at least, not the establishment because of an unfortunate incident or perhaps two incidents in the lavatories, espcially so after introducing these Germans to their national drink Jägermeister.



Now sufficiently in touch with the local culture it was time to attempt a visit to the world headquarters of Adidas and do some investigative reporting on behalf of in regards the Reebok uFc contract, agreement and what it entailed.

This will be covered in Part III coming soon

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