superCalo’s Shoutout to Ben Saunders

Its been said that Ben Saunders gave a shoutout to a certain Mexican Lucadour after his win against Joe Riggs & for that must be thanked the uG veteran Willin who asked :

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Ben, upon the eventuality of your victory tomorrow can you please honor the UG and thank superCalo in your post fight speech? Perhaps casually slip it in there when you are thanking your sponsors? Or, well, I guess you’re not allowed to have any sponsors any more so just go ahead and thank the UG’s semi-retired greatest journalist, superCalo, for us?

Bens Reply:
Ben Saunders 
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🙂 Phone Post 3.0
It was great to see he is android man & indeed may have been a factor in his win, Joe Riggs himself known as one of the original apple fanboys .
Ben Saunders is a beast & is the best, I admit I was saddened even horrified when he beat my Irish countryman & personal Hero Marcus Davis many years ago, so ending Marcus’s run for the title & indeed ending Irish mMa till the rise of Connor MacGregor.
But with time Saunders has shown that with time even burning resentment can turn to ashes which are blown to the wind ..all that is left is well not ashes, cause they are gone.
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