SuperCalo asks: Are fighters not on pEds cheating themselves?

I am old skool mMa fan having watched since 2009 so know about the old timers like Chuck  Icecold Liddell, Keith Mean Jardine, Forest Griffen, Frank Mir, the innovators of the sport, sadly many of the younger fans today have no clues about these legends & the struggle they had to get to make uFc a legit mainstream sport.

Those guys would have done anything to be champion, they sacrifice their body & their limbs to be the best.
They lived & fought in a time where technologically there were no performance enhancing drugs other than protein powder, chicken & rice, but you can be sure they ate that chicken & rice because they needed, to wanted, to HAD to be the best.
Sadly some of the younger generation of fighters don’t seem to want it so much, they are not willing to be all they can be.
Science has evolved much since 2009, now we have iphone 5s soon to be iphone 6, with fingerprint scanners something folk from back then would be blown away by. Surely it makes technological sense to take advantage of those advances which is why frankly I am shocked that some fighters refuse to take that option.
Witness retired uFc fighter Mark Bocek saying he is retired because he does not want to make his body more than it is, to take it to the next level, likewise, young whippersnapper Luke Rockfold saying he pEds (performance enhancing drugs) should be illegal & indeed banned, so to Silver Star wearing Brian Stann (who was in the military) saying reason he retired was because everyone else was on pEds & he was’nt.
How badly did these guys want it ? did their dNa simply say no ? 
I can imagine many folks disgust at their attitude, but each man must walk his path least he strays onto another mans path.
Perhaps just perhaps they made the right decision for themselves & no matter the seemingly nonsensical viewpoint they have it does make sense to them in terms of their own self respect. 
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