Super Fight League is making an Indian MMA reality show, and we have the promo right here

The last time I consumed Indian food, my digestive system gave the rest of my body the finger and it sidelined me from normal activity for approximately 36 hours. Every time I think of that curry vegetable concoction, a lone tear streams down my cheek as I remember the Bauzen Gastric Disaster of 2011. I’m not saying I won’t eat Indian food ever again, but next time, I’ll go with a recommendation from a friend instead of a ‘surprise me’ approach to ordering. Luckily, the folks in Super Fight League’s new MMA reality show are all used to Indian food and can handle all the spices with ease. Stomach bugs shouldn’t be a problem for them whatsoever. In addition to loving the regional cuisine and having charming English accents, they’re also outstanding MMA fighters and here’s a promo for what you can expect from India’s biggest MMA promotion in the coming months.

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