Super Fight League 35 is live on YouTube and people are flying out of cages!

Raise your hand if you knew Super Fight League 35 was counter programming the UFC tonight? If you raised your hand, you’re a liar or work for Super Fight League. That’s cool though, I still appreciate the participation regardless of your allegiances. What really matters about tonight is the fact that we saw the rare double knockout via door. 

Last week the stool was responsible for a TKO, this week a door besmirched two fighters’ records. Well, it was a NC, but you know what I mean. You know I know you know what I mean. 

So when you ask what about Raven Guice tonight, know that he spilled out onto the floor with Jesse Hardenbrook at SFL 35. Watch it live here if you don’t want to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship?

Replay from Zprophet.

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