Sumo Wrestling’s Summer Tournament Begins – Previewing the Nagoya Basho


For the first time in many years, four yokozuna are expected to complete an entire basho tournament. Just like in King Kong vs. Godzilla, Mothra vs. Godzilla, and Godzilla vs. Mothra, these monsters have descended on the city of Nagoya to engage in all out warfare. Our mere mortal minds are barely worthy to glance upon their colossal battles.

The future will never be the same! There is Hakuho, the Greatest sumo wrestler of all time, a walking legend. There’s Harumafuji, Hakuho’s Mongolian countrymen and fellow veteran, a man destined to play second fiddle. Then there’s Kakuryu, who is returning from injury, desperate to reclaim the momentum he had at the end of 2016. And finally, there’s Japanese sensation Kisenosato, the brand new yokozuna, the rebirth of the sport, and the Conor McGregor of sumo.

The fourth sumo tournament of the year got off to a wild start. The Battle of Four Sumo is happening, and from day one, it’s obvious we are in for a crazy fifteen days.

Kisenosato continued with the struggles that plagued him during last May’s basho tournament. He allowed his opponent Mitakeumi to get the inside position and the underdog was not about to let the opportunity to pass by.

Kakuryu is back to full strength and took on a very game Shodai. Despite Shodai bring his best game, Kakuryu remains composed and gets his day one win.

Harumafuji opened his match by absolutely crushing poor Yoshikaze’s face. But Yoshikaze’s grit wouldn’t be denied. He took the yokozuna’s back and scored yet another wild upset on the opening day.

Hakuho dominated in his opening day match. By crushing Kotoshogiku he takes an early day one lead and builds the momentum toward back to back champions.


The basho tournament continues for 15 days and will end on July, 23rd, and Middle Easy will have a summary of the tournament. But if you want daily updates and all the matches from the elite wrestlers in sumo, go to Jason’s All Sumo channel on YouTube. His daily coverage is essential in bringing the joys of sumo wrestling to the West.

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